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Helpful Tips Heat Treatment: Pump / Pressure Freezers

Mix Maintenance 

  • Fill mix hopper before busy day period sales (Except cleaning day)
  • Skim excessive foam daily from the hopper
  • After sanitizing, always prime freezer with fresh mix. *Rerun Mix 50/50 with fresh mix 

Draw Rate 

  • Check Draw rate speed 7.5 - 10 Ounces in 10 Seconds 

Standby Mode

  • The Standby key is used during long, no draw periods. 

Parts Inspection 

  • Inspect O-Rings and Blades replace if necessary  
  • Replace Tune-up kit & Blades Quarterly 

Cooling Systems requirements

  • Water cooled units:  

    • Water supply ON 24 Hours *Under operation Standby or Auto
    • C716 Water inlet and drain under side of base ½” FPT 
    • C708 Water inlet and drain out rear panel 3/8” FPT
    • Provide a ¾” GHT Shut off valve with-in 5’ from above-described location
    • Drain is an indirect drain and must conform to your local codes.
    • We supply two flexible 6’ - ¾” Garden Hose Thread (GHT) Inlet & Drain  (custom lengths available)
  • Air Cooled units: 

    • C708 Requires a minimum of 6” of clearance on both sides, 0” rear of the freezer 
    • C716 Minimum 3” (76 mm) around all sides. An air deflector is provided to prevent recirculation of warm air. Minimum air clearances must be met to ensure adequate air flow for optimum performance.